#1 Milling service of mould for orthopaedic busts

orthoMEDICS +bust  is the by EngiMark studied solution and creation for the orthopaedic sector .


Thanks to the new technologies it is possible to create an orthopaedic bust, eliminating any waste of time. The direct contact with the patient and waiting for the measure taking will be improved.


01. Measure relief

Orthopaedic technical

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02. 3D Modelling

Personal of EngiMark


03. Milling CNC

Operative Office of EngiMark


04. Sending

In 24/48 hours

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orthoMEDICS +bust



The necessary measures for the creation of a bust are width, depth and the measures of circumference on trochanter, anterior superior iliac spine, waist, xiphoid, breasts, armpit area e sternum pit.) The revelation can come among with a caliber and tape measure of tailoring in a traditional method compiling, opportunely our technical sheet or also through 3D scanning.


Thanks to our orthopaedic 3D Modelling software, the 3D modulation will be created in a natural position, in perfect symmetry or,  if expressly requested, with twists and pushing's. The modulation is obtained and ready for being send to our working center CNC.


In ca. 30 min the mould should be ready for the retreat or the shipment. 


The cost of the busts disposal, in polyurethane, is more inferior than the ones in plaster. So much that one shape has a weight of ca.2 kg.

#2 Complete service of corsets thermoform

Thanks to the created conventions with leader companies in the orthopaedic sector, we offer the possibility to deliver the complete corset, as well. Ready to be tried on and ready for delivery 

Scanner 3D

We will give a disposal from the orthopaedic doctor, a 3D scanner with which the physiognomy and the measures of the patient will be taken over.


In the moment in which we receive the 3D scanning, we will start with the bust modelling by the software and afterwards with the construction of the corset, reducing significantly the time of creation.


The orthopaedist has to deliver the final corset and, if it is needed, bring the opportunity of modification. Outsource means to streamline the productive progress of a big orthopaedic office.