The shell in aluminium is specially designed in a way in order to contain the padding and the kit of the relative accessories that allow a rapid release hook on every kind of wheelchair, manual or electrical. Other possible regulations in height, length and profoundness guarantee a high versatility, rendering to completely personalize the system of posture

The back is created in sheet metal of aluminium (4mm). Characteristic that renders extremly light and resistent
The rapid release hook system was studied for semplicating the fastening of the frameto the wheelchair, without the use of particular keys. It is composed of 2 plungers positioned to the superior part
The fastening of the back to the structure comes among with 4 supports, universal for every tubular
Thanks to the two holes positioned on the superior area and the positonized tracks at the final part of the back it is possible to decide the level of appropriate inclination. Furthermore, to the special elements that are designed to the measurement, allow the regulations in height and profoundness.
In the back are different holes and buttonholes present, used for the instalation of accessories and buckles.
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