#1 Milling Service of measured posture Systems

orthoMEDICS +bust is the by EngiMark sudied and created solution for the orthopeadic sector.

Thanks to the new Technology, an orthopeadic seat can be created by measure, for any kind of wheelchair or Client.


01. Scanning

Orthopeadic technical

scan3 copia

02. 3D modeling

Personal of Engimark


03. Mould

Operative Office of EngiMark


04. Backrests

Operative Office of EngiMark


04. Coating

Operative Office of EngiMark


04. Shipment

In 24/48 hours

Phases of creation systems of postures

With orthoMEDICS +sitting orthoMEDICS +sitting the creation progress of an orthopaedic sitting becomes extremely simple.


Just send us a 3D scanning of the mould in the vacuum bag and we will take care of the modulation creation in 3D torso/hip bone.


Before the mould progress of foam rubber starts, you will be invited to a  digital  preview of the sitting in 3D. We will do this in order to be able to bring eventually the modifications or improvements.



Afterwards the back in aluminium made by a rapid release hook system will be created,  in order to allow the application and removal on the wheelchair in a few seconds. 

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