Doors of service

Sliding or swing doors, manual or automatic

porta ospedaliera

For every deriving need from any type of motion and of esthetical needs, requests of various hospital ambiences, we have designed a series of doors that respond to the needs in function that were requested.

Doors for entrance locations and hospital departments.

The doors of entrances of hospital locations and departments, have to guarantee other than to the security of closing, the facility of use, the security for users and operators that cross these, the robustness, and have to integrate in the  architectural contest where they are inserted perfectly.



Doors for waiting rooms, technical locals, services

The principal requested characteristics for the doors of the waiting rooms, of services, of technical locations in hospital ambiences are the robustness, the facility of use, the perfect grafting in the scenery in which they are inserted.

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Location entrances and Hospital Departments

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Entrances of the waiting rooms, Services and technical locals

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