Hospital Door System

The solutions for entrances of operative or service departments

Doors for operating rooms

Automatic sliding doors sealed hermatically or simply in stainless steel or alluminium

Automatic swing doors sealed hermatically or simply

Doors of service

Entrances of offices and hospital departments

Entrances for waiting rooms and services for technical locations 

Doors for the First Aid Station

Telescopic doors Fast winding doors

Hospital Accessories

The solutions for hospital accessories

Work bench

Work bench in stainless steel are for the hospital sector


The pass through window 


The patient transfer without level of transfer

Transitus 2


Sinks of surgery

Pass-dirty cabinet

to 1 or 2 single or double interlocked doors leaves

Finishing Touches

The Solutions for Hospital accessories

Antibacterial Treatment

System of an antibacterial Treatment on different surfaces


Coating in an anti-x lead

Glass with Electric obscuring

Glass with Electric obscuring